job opportunity – Gardener/Landscaper – Urban Eatin’ Landscapes

Urban Eatin’ Landscapes worker co-op is hiring. We are a worker-owned and worker-operated business that installs
edible gardens, native perennial beds, reclaimed-wood products and other landscaping services. We offer garden design
services, installation, maintenance, workshops and mentorship. We work with residential clients and numerous community
organizations including schools and non-profits. We are looking for an individual with gardening/landscaping experience,
basic carpentry skills, and who is highly self-motivated and willing to commit to the long-term development of the co-op as
as a member. We aim to include members that have varied and complementary skills and experience, and who bring new
ideas and passions to further our services, products and the food security movement as a whole.

Key Duties & Responsibilities:
Employee duties are delegated and overseen by the co-op members, and would include:

  • General labour for installation of gardens and other landscaping services (moving soil, plants, gravel, wood, stone)
  • General vegetable and perennial garden and plant care (weeding, digging, tilling, planting, pruning, harvesting)
  • Communicating regularly with the office co-ordinator and other members via email and phone.
  • Constructing raised beds, compost bins, trellises, pergolas, arbors and other wood and reclaimed-wood products.
  • Increasingly assist members with client consultations, designs, and estimates/quotes.

Other duties include:

  • Regular operational meetings with co-op members throughout the season.
  • Occasional administrative tasks, shop/tool maintenance and supply trips.
  • On-going discussions about strategy and direction for the co-op’s services and products.

Note:  We do NOT handle any toxic chemicals, and also minimize any use of pressure-treated wood and VOC emitting products.


  • Willing to take initiative, self-motivated, organized and efficient. 
  • Strong communications skills and a collaborative approach to decision-making
  • A passion for growing food and sustainable/environmental practices.
  • Willing to adapt to varying seasonal schedules including working overtime.
  • Comfortable working outdoors in a variety of conditions.
  • Ability to lift heavy loads (such as moving lumber and wheel barrows).

Preferred Skills & Experience:

  • Gardening/farming experience (from aesthetic gardening to food production to planting trees).
  • Landscaping experience (with stonework and hardscaping being an asset).
  • Basic carpentry skills, with a passion to work with reclaimed wood.
  • Range of experience/interest in: arborist/tree care, composting, landscape design, greenhouse production, permaculture training, business/co-operative administration.
  • Experience operating small power tools/machinery (circular saw, table saw, sod cutter, etc.).
  • Experience pricing out estimates/quotes for projects.
  • Ability to use computer software such as Google Drive, SketchUp, Google Maps/Earth, Adobe Photoshop/ InDesign.
  • Comfortable cycling in Winnipeg with a bike trailer, including in the downtown area.
  • Driver’s licence is required. 

Job Details: 

  • Remuneration begins at $15/hr.
  • This is a full-time, temporary/ seasonal job (approx April-October), with hours averaging 40 hours/week (hours can range from 24-50 hours in any given week).  We work mostly weekdays, but some weekend work may be required.  
  • Our goal is to hire a candidate that will join the worker co-op as a worker-member in 2018.  One must work a full season with the co-op before becoming eligble to apply for membership (additional eligibility criteria may also apply).

Please submit your resume and cover letter to by 5pm on Monday, March 13th.  In support of anti-discriminatory ‘blind recruitment’ policies, we welcome applicants to omit their names, graduation dates and any other ethnic, gender or self-identifying details (note this is your choice – it is not necessary).  if chosen as a candidate we will contact you by Monday, March 20th.

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