Canadian National Railway is seeking a Sustainability Program Officer

Manages and coordinates enterprise-wide sustainability integration programs to build sustainability awareness, knowledge and practice and to foster a culture of sustainability. Responsible for designing and coordinating the company’s sustainability engagement program for employees, in collaboration with an NGO partner, to improve conservation, engage employees, support sustainable innovation and realize cost avoidance/savings at CN yards and offices across North America. Designs and implements internal sustainability engagement program communications to foster participation; collaborates to communicate the program and results externally to bolster employee attraction and enhance CN’s brand/reputation. Supports CN’s sustainability innovation, growth and efficiency goals through enhancing the company’s sustainability capacity and resilience. 


  • Manage an ongoing best practice employee engagement program to embed sustainability and innovation in the culture, motivate employees and realize cost avoidance/savings.
  • Manage a multi-faceted education, training and capacity building program that ensures all employees are knowledgeable about sustainability and understand how it relates to their function and role.
  • Prepare an annual work plan to support and enhance the engagement program and capacity building.
  • Identify, coordinate, engage and support a cross-functional team of senior management as program ambassadors to champion and promote the program to their employees and achieve participation and results.
  • Mobilize, sponsor, encourage and participate in / attend field projects.
  • Develop, deliver and manage local training for the program ambassadors
  • Be the point of contact for employees and champions and respond to inquiries and requests concerning the program.
  • Develop key success metrics and targets to track performance and to continuously improve the program.
  • Report results to senior management, champions and employees.
  • Keep abreast of, and recommend, best practices in operational sustainability employee engagement programs.
  • Develop and execute a communications strategy with targeted messaging for employees, including new hires during the onboarding process. Develop communication tools including internal website, campaigns, posters, internal newsletters and magazines to create awareness of, support for, and engagement.
  • Establish and manage day-to-day relations with the NGO partner in fulfillment of the partnership agreement to leverage CN and NGO resources, best practices and programs to increase employee engagement in yards and office, and to enhance CN’s brand/reputation. Coordinate other external partnerships developed to deliver the program.


  • Bachelor degree, e.g. B.Com, B.A., B.Sc., B. Environment, B. Sustainability
  • 5 years experience in the field of sustainability and or communications, e.g. sustainability communications and training
  • Demonstrated success and experience in facilitating and influencing employees and workforces
  • Previous project management, change management and employee communications experience
  • Ability to provide program and project management expertise, including design, delivery, measurement and reporting, and management of multiple priorities
  • Change management skills and a strong grasp of organizational culture change strategies
  • Leadership through influence and ability to work well in teams and matrix structure
  • Ability to influence, facilitate and engage functions, workforce and external stakeholders
  • Knowledge of sustainability integration, employee engagement and capacity building best practices
  • Knowledge of, and ability to communicate, sustainability value propositions
  • Ability to collaborate and work with management-level leaders
  • High degree of interpersonal and communication proficiency, including written, verbal and presentation skills Business acumen and understanding of various business disciplines (human resources, finance, operations, technical, administrative) and their sustainability dimensions
  • Bilingual

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