Job Opportunity: EMAPS Level H – Director- Sustainability Office – University of Manitoba

Master’s degree in a related field required.


•Seven or more years of related work experience including experience in administration, personnel and budget management, marketing, and public relations, preferably in a large post-secondary educational institution.
•Experience writing professional reports for review by a variety of readers.
•Experience engaging a broad set of stakeholders in delivering comprehensive strategic plans.
•Experience analyzing sustainability systems and able to identify synergies, cross-functional opportunities and gaps in those systems.
•Experience in public speaking; persuasive and comfortable speaking to any size or kind of group.
•An acceptable equivalent combination of education and experience may be considered.

•Knowledge of the Sustainability Tracking and Assessment Rating System (STARS) or other sustainability rating systems preferred.
•Must be a dynamic and effective leader with team-building and supervisory skills.
•Must have the stamina to maintain a hectic work schedule, with the ability to juggle multiple complex projects simultaneously.
•Excellent decision making and analytical skills.
•Must embody the principles of sustainability.
•Capable of working effectively with all levels of personnel is essential.
•Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
•Ability to develop project and funding proposals.
•Excellent research, editing, and proofing skills.
•A strong knowledge of issues related to campus sustainability, especially knowledge of Canadian and U.S. campus sustainability initiatives at the post-secondary levels.
•Excellent time management skills.
•Knowledge of the University of Manitoba, its administrative processes, programs, history, student services, networks and community would be preferred.
•Must be able to function with a high degree of autonomy and independence.
•Excellent personal computer skills, with a strong knowledge of Microsoft Office.
•Ability to lead teams, influence others, implement change, and coach a wide variety of colleagues.

Key Responsibilities
•Develops or leads the preparation of specifications and terms of reference and the hiring of consultants for campus sustainability related work.
•Responsible for supervising, hiring, training and performance reviews of Sustainability Office employees.
•Directs, empowers and motivates staff and committees to make continued progress in programmatic, policy and culture change on campus.
•Develops, monitors and manages the Sustainability Office budget, including salary and non-salary expenses, as well as other resources.
•Provides leadership and oversight for institutional sustainability.
•Monitors and reports on the University’s progress towards a sustainable campus.
•Acts as a liaison to departments through steering committees or otherwise by providing policy, planning and cultivating internal/external relationships.
•When necessary, develops business case studies for projects and initiatives.
•Conducts internal and external consultation processes as it relates to sustainability issues and initiatives.
•Participates as a member of external committees and task forces where relevant, and as needed.
•Participates in professional development and seminar/conference opportunities to stay abreast of trends and innovative approaches related to campus sustainability.
•Represents the University of Manitoba as an emerging leader on sustainability issues.
•Develops and monitors annual budgets related to the Sustainability Office and its projects and programs.
•Establishes partnerships with both public and private sectors for service delivery and to share information and receive feedback regarding the University’s sustainability goals.
•Identifies and ensures opportunities to streamline administrative sustainability processes.
•Collaborates with and engages University leaders on policies and decisions that contribute to campus sustainability.
•Develops and enhances partnerships across campus to create a culture of sustainability through behavior change and engagement.
•Grows and improves communication and outreach programming for all constituencies.
•Raises awareness on campus, and in the broader community, of sustainability initiatives at University of Manitoba by ensuring a communication/promotion plan is in place.
•Oversees long-range goals and action plans for sustainability on campus.
•Ensures priorities and budgets for the initiative are approved by the appropriate bodies.
•Develops schedules and plans to meet the medium and long-term goals of the Strategic Vision for Action.
•Develops systems and initiatives to measure, track and evaluate the success of program goals and actions.
•Oversees plans, communication and marketing strategies, materials, and promotional campaigns relating to sustainability initiatives.
•Ensures all key stakeholders are appropriately involved in Sustainability Office consultation processes.
•Analyzes and develops policies and procedures to articulate, clarify and simplify, and enhance participation/utilization of the Sustainability Office and forward to appropriate bodies for approval.
•Responsible for outlining and advising on program website content.
•Advises on sustainability matters for campus development (identifies potential environmental impacts, research mitigation options, recommends changes or alternatives and assists with determining required level of communications).

Compensation Group: EMAPS

Faculty:  Vice-President (Administration)

Department:  Sustainability

Position History: Existing

Position Type: Budget Funded Continuing

Work Schedule (Select):  Full Time:  35 hours per week

Estimated Weekly Hours:  35

Salary (Hourly) $38.43 – $69.17

Salary Annual:  $69,942.60 – $128,889.40

Proposed Start Date:  2016-10-24

Probation/Trial Period 1 year

Full Details:


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