November 29, 2017 - 7:00 pm

698 Osborne Street, Winnipeg


New documentary film reveals evidence of health risks

 from exposure to wireless radiation emissions made inescapable by our addiction to wireless devices

WINNIPEG, Manitoba — Children and teenagers are especially vulnerable to radiation emitted during everyday use of tablets, cell phones, laptops and wireless routers at home and in classrooms.

Following the leads in Austria, France and Switzerland, the film “Generation Zapped” raises awareness among those entrusted with keeping our children safe and healthy. Like the cigarette and asbestos revelations unfolded, science is documenting the concerning reality that people are experiencing adverse health impacts from firsthand and secondhand exposures to radiofrequency radiation emitted by wireless networks and devices.


Canadian and international experts on health effects of wireless radiation—scientists, physicians and public health specialists—discuss the growing mountain of scientific evidence regarding links to serious diseases such as breast and brain cancers and associations with increased infertility, genetic mutations, autism and electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS).

Some of the experts appearing in the film:

  • Oncologist in France: Dominique Belpomme, MD, PhD
  • Pediatric cancer scientist in Italy: Ernesto Burgio MD, PhD
  • Pediatric neurologist and brain development researcher in United States: Martha Herbert, MD, PhD.

Also appearing in the film are four people who are struggling with various illnesses from wireless radiation exposure.

The Environmental Health Association of Manitoba (EHA-MB) and national organization Electromagnetic Pollution Illnesses Canada Foundation (EPIC) have partnered to host a screening in Winnipeg of this sobering and motivating look at how wireless technology should be used with caution, so that its risks do not outweigh its benefits. Marg Friesen of EHA-MB recommends, “Everyone interested in their health should see this film to know the essentials of why and how to protect ourselves, our children and others, and re-think the pervasiveness of this invisible environmental agent in our indoor and outdoor environments.”

Screening Details:

Generation Zapped

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Park Theatre

698 Osborne Street, Winnipeg

Doors open 7:00pm • Film begins at 7:30 pm (74 minutes) • Discussion begins 9:00 pm

Tickets available at The Park Theatre or online at

Contact for media only:  Marg Friesen 204-261-8591 or

Contact Zapped Productions to review the film, request an interview or receive press materials.