February 10, 2017 - 7:00 pm

515 Portage Ave., Winnipeg

Holy cow, Friday Feb 10th is Winter Bike to Work Day (WBTWD)! Let’s celebrate with a good ol’ fashioned *~*PARTY RIDE!*~*

7:00: Meet up at the UWSA Bike Lab.
*Friendly introductions!
*Maybe I’ll go all camp councilor and force everyone to become fast friends by playing the Human Knot game!

7:30ish: Swoop out of the lab en masse like a flock of magestic penguins.

***surprise route of fantastical mystery***

8-8:30ish: Take river trail along Assiniboine past “Warming Huts” (photo ops up the wazoo) to the FORKS!

9ish: Warm up at the Forks!
*Mini-donut eating contest! (jk. but maybe?)

10ish: Bike to a nearby pub for a pint or two? Peg Beer Co. is a short scenic ride away? Forth is also nice? Maybe someone wants to have us all over for a bonfire?

*ALL THE LAYERS (its a slow-paced ride so bundle up good, ya hear?)
*Reflective Vests! Reflective Ankle-bands! Reflective reflectors! (Let’s be as bright and nerdy lookin’ as possible it’s more fun that way, trust me)

***Does anyone have a mobile music machine thingamabob that can play real loud? if so definitely bring that.

Also, if your bike needs a little pre-ride TLC, come to the WRENCH this thursday for our Open Shop, from 12-5:30pm.

More about WBTWD here: