March 7, 2017 - 7:00 pm

2795 Ness Avenue, Winnipeg

Join us for the fourth presentation of the Friends of the Living Prairie Museum Winter Speaker Series! Space is limited, so please *call 204-832-0167 to register in advance*, even if you join this event.

Dr. Emily McKinnon
Snow buntings without snow: The costs of being a cold-climate specialist in a warming world.

Snow Buntings are the world’s most northern breeding songbird, and they spend their winters at home on the windswept prairies of southern Canada and the northern US. But climate change is rapidly affecting northern ecosystems by warming the Arctic, and causing warmer temperate winters. Snow Buntings roam extensively over the landscape during the winter. Can they keep cool by moving northwards, or are there costs to being a nomad? We are using an automated radio-telemetry system to determine what drives winter movements of buntings and how they might respond to warmer winters.

Admission by donation.
Image by Bruno Laplante.