Manitoba Non-Profit Housing Association is seeking an Executive Director

Job Title: Executive Director

Reports to: Board of Directors

Effective: February 2018

Job Profile
Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Executive Director manages the operations and
membership development of the Manitoba Non-Profit Housing Association.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities
1. Membership development and engagement
 Building strong relationships with members
 Recruiting new members
 Sustaining membership in the organization
 Promoting the value of membership

2. Communication and resources
 Communicating regularly with members
 Identifying resources and making them available to members
 Maintaining a website that is current and relevant to members’ needs
 Identifying items of interest to the membership and issuing a monthly electronic

3. Education, networking and relationship building
 Planning and managing education sessions for members
 Planning and managing the annual conference
 Connecting and networking members
 Build relationships with sector partners and government

4. Financial management and reporting
 Overseeing the financial affairs of the organization
 Providing and analyzing financial reports for the Board of Directors
 Ensuring that membership renewals are completed in a timely manner to
provide sustainability and stability to finances

5. Management of staff, contractors and volunteers
 Hiring, orienting and managing performance of all staff and volunteers
 Ensuring the safety and protection of all workers with appropriate policy, and
ensuring workers have the resources needed to do their jobs

6. Support to the Board of Directors
 Plan and manage logistics for meetings
 Provide regular reports, including financial reports to the Board

The Executive Director is accountable for:
 Executing and reporting progress on the strategic plans developed by the Board of
 Providing a minimum of 6 to 10 relevant education sessions for members per year
 Planning and managing a successful annual conference within the established budget
 Developing and maintaining a member directory and member only section of the
 Producing and distributing monthly electronic newsletters
 Maintaining personal contact with members
 Providing opportunities for members to connect with one another and the resources
they need
 Assuring that members receive value for their membership dollars
 Providing regular and appropriate communication and financial reporting to the Board
 Speaking on behalf of the organization with the Board’s input and approval
 Developing strong connections to and for members outside of Winnipeg
 Managing staff, contractors and volunteers in a manner consistent with federal and
provincial statutes, treating them with respect and dignity, understanding their jobs and
their importance to MNPHA, and supporting them in achieving their personal and
professional goals
 Managing MNPHA finances efficiently and in a manner consistent with generally
accepted accounting principles
 Providing financial analysis and input to the Board of Directors on a schedule set by the
 Responding to requests for information in a timely, professional manner
 Upholding the mission statement and values of MNPHA
 Representing MNPHA in a positive manner through professional conduct

 University degree or college diploma in a related field (marketing, communications, nonprofit
Professional designation:
 Non required
 Minimum 7-10 years of management and leadership experience
 Experience in a non-profit setting an asset

Knowledge, skills and abilities
 Knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles and ethical business practices
 Knowledge of federal and provincial legislation affecting property management of life
leases, cooperatives and family and social housing
 Ability to establish and maintain positive working relationships both internally and
 Skilled in oral and written communication
 Ability to work cooperatively with others to set goals, resolve conflicts and make
decisions that enhance the effectiveness of MNPHA
 Skilled at setting priorities, developing work schedules, monitoring progress and tracking
details, data, information and activities
Proficiency in computer applications:
 Accounting software: Quickbooks
 Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Excel, Outlook, Publisher

 Supervises and directs the work of any staff and volunteers(contracted bookkeeper,
interns, students etc)

Degree of autonomy:
 Works independently and in cooperation with the Board of Directors
 Exercises independent judgment and tactical decision making, and interpretation of
MNPHA policy
 Work is evaluated for effectiveness regularly during the year
Working Conditions
 Office environment in the Executive Directors own premises
 Required to represent MNPHA at meetings of members, partners, stakeholders and
government outside of the office
 May be required to occasionally work evenings or overtime hours to attend meetings
 Position is full time
 Vehicle and valid driver’s license required

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