job opportunity – Outreach Coordinator – CBCRA/Recycle Everywhere

Time frame: full-time starting in March 2017
Reporting: The Outreach Coordinator reports directly to the Program Manager. With special projects the Coordinator will also provide secondary reporting updates to project leads where applicable according to the strategic plan.

Roles & Responsibilities
 Develop partnerships with organizations and clients to implement the Recycle Everywhere program
 Provide consultative recycling program advice to prospective partners
 Assist with special project logistics and partnership coordination
 Coordinate and manage waste audits for the Recycle Everywhere program using both internal temporary staff and 3rd party consultants
 Conducting waste audit training with temporary staff
 Data entry, analysis and waste audit report writing
 Report reviews and editing
 Monitoring and verification of the organization’s bin inventory reporting
 Reconciling inventory records with physical counts of inventory results
 Management of bin inventory at Recycle Everywhere warehouse
 Coordinating rental vans for audits
 Sourcing audit supplies
 Scheduling and overseeing recycling bin deliveries with staff
 Spreadsheet development and data analysis
 Other duties as assigned
Position Requirements:
 Possess a degree in the environmental field or related
 Proven customer service, business development, and/or sales experience
 Strong oral and written communication abilities
 Knowledge of the waste management industry in Manitoba
 Intermediate Microsoft Excel skills (VLOOKUP, SUMIF, IF, AND, OR, conditional formatting and spreadsheet development skills)
 Demonstrate robust organizational skills and attention to accuracy and detail
 Adaptable and experienced with changing priorities, new projects and meeting tight deadlines
 Must be able to work with – and contribute to – a team-oriented environment while also maintaining individual work capabilities

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