Environmental Funding Guide

The following agencies provide funding to environmental organizations or for environmental projects.  For info on criteria and application procedures, contact them directly.

For a comprehensive, searchable national database of funders, visit
Environment Canada’s Green Source Funding Database.

Assiniboine Credit Union – Sponsorships and Grants

Projects Funded:  Community renewal, environmental sustainability, cooperative development, local events and celebrations.

Website:  www.assiniboine.mb.ca

Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency
Participant Funding Program

Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency administers a Participant Funding Program which supports individuals and non-profit organizations interested in participating in environmental assessments.

Website:  www.ceaa.gc.ca

CP Loewen Family Foundation

Projects Funded:  Projects with an environmental/education focus, alleviation of poverty, community building, and economic mobility.

Website: www.loewenfoundation.com

Eco-Action, Environment Canada

Projects Funded: to eligible groups, organizations and individuals for local action projects that protect or conserve our natural environment and to create employment opportunities for young scientists and post-secondary graduates seeking hands-on training.

Website: www.ec.gc.ca/ecoaction

EJLB Foundation

Projects Funded:  Projects dealing with environmental scientific research, various social services, food and clothing distribution, mental health support and shelters.

Website:  www.ejlb.qc.ca

Environmental Damages Fund

The Environmental Damages Fund (EDF) helps ensure polluters take responsibility for their actions.  It gives courts a way to guarantee tat the money from pollution penalties and settlements is directly invested to repair the actual harm done by the pollution.

Website: www.ec.gc.ca/edf-fde

Environmental Youth Corps

Projects Funded: This program reduces the risk involved with hiring a young professional, while also allowing talented graduates to get a head start in their environmental careers.

Website:  www.eco.ca

Evergreen – Common Grounds Funding

This program is not currently being offered

Evergreens’ Common Grounds program – in partnership with Walmart Canada, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, The Home depot Canada, and Unilver Canada – provide grants to community groups doing environmental stewardship work across Canada.

Website:  https://www.evergreen.ca/downloads/pdfs/TELG/2016-17/TELG_National_Environmental_Funding_Opportunities_2016-2017.pdf

Investors Group Community Projects Fund

Projects Funded: Environment is one of the granting categories, priority sectors will be identified by the Fund Committee each year based on employee feedback.  Preference will be given to capital or specific project grants, rather than operating support.

Website:  www.investorsgroup.com

Lake Winnipeg Basin Stewardship Fund

Projects Funded: The Fund will support projects of activities having concrete, demonstrable results to reduce pollutants, and in particular, nutrient loads entering Lake Winnipeg.

Website: www.ec.gc.ca/eau-water

Manitoba Alternative Food Research Alliance

Proposals for alternative food systems related projects that will be used to support community projects, students, and networking opportunities in Manitoba are being accepted up to 2013.
Contact Information:

Website: www.localandjust.ca

Manitoba Community Services Council Grants

Projects Funded: Flexible, but projects must serve the community.

E-mail: applications@mbcs.ca

Website: www.mbcsc.ca/grants

Manitoba Hydro – Environmental Partnership Fund

Projects Funded:  Focus on education regarding environment/energy.

Website: www.hydro.mb.ca/environment/programs/partnership_fund.shtml

Manitoba Hydro – Forest Enhancement Program

Projects Funded: Projects that do not replace or duplicate government or forest industry activities, such as Tree Planting projects, Forest Education Projects, Innovative Forest projects.

Website: www.hydro.mb.ca/environment/forest_enhancement/index.shtml

Mountain Equipment Coop – National Fund

Projects Funded:  Projects that protect outdoor environmental areas of significant recreation and wilderness value to MEC members. Mandate is to educate MEC members and the general public on important wilderness issues and the importance of protecting our natural environment.

Website: www.mec.ca

RBC Blue Water Leadership Grants

RBC Blue Water Project Leadership grants are directed to organizations that are leaders in providing programs in North America and other countries where RBC does business. The focus for these grants are:
1) Watershed protection:  Programs and projects that focus on watershed awareness, community-based watershed stewardship, protection and restoration of sensitive natural areas, or sustainable water use and conservation.
2) Access to clean drinking water: Programs and projects that focus on making sure communities have access to clean, safe drinking water, when and where it is needed.

Website:  bluewater.rbc.com

Science Horizons Program

A Federal youth program to help employers top up salaries and provide mentorship to non-employed / recently graduated youth (under 30).  The work must be science related (typically but not restricted to field work) in an Environment Canada related area.

Applications must be sent to appropriate region – please visit www.ec.gc.ca/scitech

Special Conservation Fund – Manitoba Conservation

Projects Funded:  Projects that enhance/foster a better understanding of Manitoba’s natural resources. Projects dealing with sustainable development/environmental issues at the local level, which encourage public awareness.

Website: www.gov.mb.ca/conservation

Sustainable Development Innovations Fund – Manitoba Conservation

Projects Funded: Projects, activities, research and developments that further the sustainability of Manitoba’s environment, economy, human health and social well-being.

Targeted funding programs under the Fund are: Waste Reduction and Pollution Prevention (WRAPP) Fund, Manitoba Climate Change Action Fund (MCCAF), and Water Stewardship Fund

Website: www.susdev.gov.mb.ca

TD Friends of the Environment

Projects Funded:  Projects that preserve Canadian environment. Projects that assist youths in understanding and    participating in Environmental activities within local communities (also enhances cooperation among environmental organizations).

Website: fef.td.com

Thomas Sill Foundation

Projects Funded: Primary – capital grants, Secondary – pilot or demonstration projects.

Website: www.thomassillfoundation.com

Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation

Projects Funded:  Projects dealing with fresh water resource issues (protection of ground water and reducing demand), involving Canadians in global affairs (Priority is given to Canadian youth engagement).

Website:  www.gordonfoundation.ca

Winnipeg Foundation

1. Community Grants

Projects Funded: Community projects in the areas of community service, education, health, arts and culture, heritage, recreation and the environment.

Website:  www.wpgfdn.org/Granting

2. Professional Development Grants

Projects Funded: Learning opportunities that build organizational and leadership capacity for charitable organizations, including: conferences, and short course/workshop (up to $1,500), advanced management training (up to $3,000), management mentorships (up to $10,000).

Website:  www.wpgfdn.org/Granting