The Manitoba Eco-Network has a lot to offer schools.

Through our programs we are able to offer presentations in the areas of climate change and water conservation as well as other topics. We also have the Manitoba Environmental Youth Network where we mentor high school students who want to become more involved in environmental sustainability. Additionally we are able to offer professional development for staff on these topics as well as sessions on how to incorporate Education for Sustainable Development into your school or division. We are also able to support schools and divisions with the incorporation of sustainability in school plans. Some examples of what we do are:

  • Climate Change Boot Camps for Teachers
  • General Presentations on Education for Sustainable Development for teachers
  • Annual Greenspace Conference for High School Students
  • Climate change presentations such as Al Gore’s ‘Climate Reality’ presentation
  • Youth Conferences at your school
  • Healthy Communities Don’t Idle signs and presentations
  • Climate Change activities and resources, including potential funding opportunities and lesson plans
  • Partner projects such as Eco-Art Action and removing barriers to cycling to schools
  • Resources in the Alice Chambers Memorial Library
  • Referral Service- if we do it for you we will try to find who can