August 28, 2019 - 7:00 pm


Aurora Farm Paint Night

7pm – 10pm
Enjoy a lively art painting session guided by Louise May with our world-renowned artist (and friend) Tibebe Terffa from Ethiopia. We will begin with an inspirational meditation, an art discussion focused on Tibebe’s paintings and then a painting session of our own. We will use Tibebe’s art as a springboard for our own creations – see below for some examples of his artwork.
You can use any of the paintings as your guide to produce your own artwork!
To sign up for this creative experience, please follow the link here:

Spaces are limited! Please note: this event will take place in our new studio space at the St. Norbert Arts Centre, just down the road at 100 rue des Ruines du Monastere.

Have any questions about the event? Send us an email!