Wondering how to maintain your lawn without cosmetic pesticides? We can help.

We offer a variety of Do-It-Yourself Workshops, a lending library of lawn tools, and facilitating of hands-on sessions for small groups.

Lawn Library

Borrow a lawn care tool from our lending library to test out on your yard – view our inventory online at Lawn Library Tools. We also have many books on organic lawn care, weeds, and gardening available for borrowing.

Organic Lawn Care Party

Host a party with friends or neighbours to practice organic lawn principles in a fun hands-on session. Try out the tools, make natural pesticides, or find out how to use your reel mower and sharpen your mower blades.

Since 2001, the Manitoba Eco-Network has offered informative workshops on Organic Lawn Care, as well as Reel Mower Sharpening Clinics, throughout the spring and summer months in Winnipeg and many other Manitoba communities. Workshop attendees have the chance to learn new techniques to care their lawn, which organic fertilizers to use, how to sharpen their mower blades, and the best ways to grow a beautiful, sustainable and long-lasting lawn. Email organiclawn@mbeconetwork.org for more information, or to book a workshop in your workplace, organization, or community this summer.

In 2018, we’d thank Lee Valley for its support of our Organic Lawn Care program




Check out this Eco-Network production to learn more:

 Interested in making the switch from grass to clover?

Check out the links and video below for some information and tips to get you started.

Clover lawn basics

Which type best suits you