Youth Green Action Plan Mentor – Youth Agencies Alliance


Position Type: Term
Start Date: Monday, June 14th, 2021 Compensation: $15/h for up to 160h Deadline: Friday, May 14th, 2021

Position Overview
The Youth Green Action Plan (YGAP) is a collaborative initiative which promotes youth environmental activism, community engagement, and skill-building. The goals of this initiative are to provide marginalized youth with the opportunity to acquire climate justice information in a supportive environment, share their personal ways of knowing, and identify concrete ways to take action. The YGAP Mentors will work closely with the Site Coordinators of the Rotary Leadership Circle (RLC) program to facilitate workshops throughout July and August for youth aged 10 – 14.

The Organization
YAA is a network of 15 youth-serving agencies in Winnipeg which aims to strengthen and enhance the capacity of its member agencies. Our capacity-building efforts focus on three core areas including youth programs and engagement, member learning and development, and research and advocacy. As a collaborative network, YAA provides a unique opportunity to regularly engage with and learn from a wide variety of youth-serving organizations and community stakeholders.

● Facilitate 6 workshops (2h sessions), conduct hands-on activities and engage with participants
● Provide guidance, motivation, emotional support, and role modeling for the participants
● Demonstrate professional mannerisms and link YGAP materials to the outcomes of the RLC
program to deepen youth leadership abilities
● Tailor additional supports for youth in collaboration with the Site Coordinator and YAA
when needed
● Encourage participants to explore their skills, set goals, and identify potential
environmental advocacy and activism opportunities across Winnipeg
● Take regular photos or videos of the youth participating in the workshops
● Maintain continuous communication with the RLC sites and YAA regarding material feedback and YGAP successes or challenges
● Complete a program evaluation to inform the potential future phases of YGAP

● Must be between the ages of 17 – 25 as of June 1, 2020
● Must be available to participate in the YGAP Mentor preliminary virtual training taking place
on June 14 to June 30 from 10am-12:00pm and 1:30pm-3:30pm.
● Ability to work on a flexible schedule which may include evenings and weekends
● Display excellent verbal communication, interpersonal, and time management skills
● Must be energetic, creative, and interested in supporting marginalized youth to attain
leadership skills and encourage an interest in climate justice
● Ability to present workshop material and interact with youth in a culturally sensitive manner
● Knowledge and understanding of Indigenous values considered an asset

We encourage individuals aged 17- 25 to apply for the YGAP Mentor position, and especially
welcome applicants from Indigenous and marginalized communities. We are understanding of different circumstances, experiences, and backgrounds and aim to provide as much support as possible. This position is subject to the successful completion of a Criminal Record Check and a Child Abuse Registry Check.

Please submit your Cover Letter and Resume via email to:
Subject line: YGAP Mentor – Your Name

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