Manitoba Eco-Network is a non-profit organization which promotes positive environmental action.

Our organization’s mission is to facilitate environmental awareness and expand community connections. We educate, we facilitate, we celebrate!

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  • What We’ve Been Up To

    Manitoba Eco-Network has completed its transition to a new office space by moving into the John Howard Society building in the first week of September. We are excited to get to know our new neighbourhood!  We will be wrapping up our Healthy Environment Healthy Neighbourhood project in time for the October election. We will also be following Bills S-5 and C-226 as they move through the House of Commons and Senate. We will continue to advocate for stronger environmental protections and better access to environmental justice. Additionally, MbEN is pursuing a new fundraising effort. We see so much environmental work that needs to be done and we want to ensure that we are well-resourced to meet these challenges. As the holidays approach, we would be grateful to be considered with your annual gift-giving.  We can’t do it alone, and we thank you for your continued support. Learn more about how your support directly helps the work we do here.

    09 / 09 / 22

  • Message from your Manitoba Eco-Network

    Welcome, September! We are enjoying the final weeks of summer and looking ahead to a busy autumn season. At Manitoba Eco-Network, we are deeply concerned about the most recent climate-related disasters affecting places near and far, including the catastrophic flooding in Pakistan and forest fires in BC and California. Heat records were broken in many places worldwide. On a positive note, a Wisconsin judge has ruled in favour of an Indigenous community trying to stop Enbridge Line 5 from being installed in their community, although the ruling does not stop the pipeline fully. Stories like these show how important grassroots organizing can be, and that the fight must continue. We have plans for new and exciting projects in the coming year. With your support, we will continue this vital work. We also want to thank all our supporters over the last few years, as without you, we would not be around to be an advocate for Manitoba’s environment.

    09 / 09 / 22

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