Climate Safe, Green City

Climate Safe, Green City


The Neighbourhood Climate Resilience Project has a new name: Climate Safe, Green City!

Project Overview

Helping Winnipeg’s Inner City to Adapt to Climate Change

We are excited to continue our work on Phase 2 of our climate resilience project. Starting in April 2023, we have partnered with three neighbourhood groups in inner-city Winnipeg, including Spence Neighbourhood Association, West Broadway Community Organization, and West End Resource Centre (formerly Daniel McIntyre St. Matthews Community Association).

Together, we intend to develop a plan for meaningful climate adaptation in our partner neighbourhoods. We are exploring project ideas and topics to research that are meaningful to each community’s unique needs. We hope to produce finished plans by March 2023 that can be put into action. From improved green spaces to addressing energy poverty, we look forward to meeting community needs for climate resilience.

Project Partners

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Support Manitoba Eco-Network and Winnipeg's inner city neighbourhoods prepare for climate challenges. Donate to Climate Safe Green City.

Project News

Previous Phases

The first phase of this project, originally called Building Community Climate Resilience, was successfully completed over 2020-2021 and showed that Manitobans need more planning, funding, and political will behind climate resilience planning. You can learn more at the link below.