Message from your Manitoba Eco-Network

Message from your Manitoba Eco-Network

If you think things are getting bad to worse these days, best not be paying attention to U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres' latest warning’s that, “humanity is just one misunderstanding, one miscalculation away from nuclear annihilation.” 

Throw in massive species extinctions, loss of biodiversity, over consumption and a rapidly warming planet that is creating the climate crisis. Taking a bit of time off over the summer to recuperate and refresh is probably a good thing to do, if you are able to.

For the Manitoba Eco-Network, an era has come to an end as we have closed down and moved out of the Eco-Centre. As managers of the 3rd floor space at the MEC Building on Portage Avenue for a variety of environmental organizations over the last 18 years, it is time to move on to other new challenges and tasks. 

Everyone who stuck it out to the near end, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, Green Action Centre, Trails Manitoba and Wilderness Committee, have all found new homes at various locations in Winnipeg. For ourselves, on September 1, we are moving to Ellice Avenue, across from the West End Cultural Centre, sharing space with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives in the John Howard Society Building.

The Eco-Centre was a great meeting place and community resource for the non-profit environmental sector in Manitoba and it will be dearly missed. A special thank you goes out to Anne Lindsey and Randall McQuaker, the Mountain Equipment Coop and John and Shirley Loewen (for sponsoring the Alice Chambers Memorial Library), who made the Eco-Centre a reality.

And for the other matters at hand? Even with the bad news facing us, there are always signs of hope and progress. The U.S. just passed their largest ever climate budget bill, Australia has recently elected teals, greens and labour to their parliament, who are genuinely concerned about transitioning away from fossil fuels and Kansans overwhelmingly voted for women’s reproductive rights.

Have an enjoyable rest of summer.