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Sustainability Team: Manitoba Marathon


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At the Manitoba Marathon we are passionate and dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint, not just on race weekend, but year round. We sort all waste by hand on race weekend and ensure we achieve out goal of 85% waste diversion.

We have had the same sustainability team lead for a number of years, however after this year he will no longer be able to take on this role:

What we need:
-For 2024 a person who will work and shadow under our current team leader, this person will be the one to take over the role from 2025 onwards
-The team lead will recruit volunteers for race weekend, information distribution and shift management.
-We estimate the total time required for this role would be 20 ish hours, a majority of it being race week (Saturday June 15-5 hours, Sunday June 16-8 hours, Monday June 17-8 hours) and then scattered hours recruiting people leading up to the event
-This would be a paid position

If you have someone in mind for this role, or volunteering on our green team, please reach out to