Vicki Burns

Vicki Burns is a graduate of the University of Manitoba’s School of Social Work. After working for the first 20 years of her career in human services, Vicki joined the Winnipeg Humane Society as Executive Director in 1994. During her 14 year tenure there, Vicki became a vocal advocate for all animals with a particular focus on farm animals. At that time, during the 1990s, the hog industry expanded exponentially and the welfare of the pigs in the massive industrial facilities became a priority. It was at this time that Vicki became part of a newly formed coalition, Hog Watch Manitoba, whose goal was to promote an environmentally, ethically, and economically sustainable hog industry. After leaving the Humane Society in 2008, Vicki became involved in work to protect and restore the health of Lake Winnipeg. The blue-green algae blooms (many of which contain toxins) are a threat every year. The connection between the state of the lake and Manitoba’s hog industry is a troubling one and Vicki has worked to bring awareness and change in this area.

Vicki is currently Treasurer of Hog Watch Manitoba, Director of the Save Lake Winnipeg Project, and writes a blog H2O; Ideas and Action for Canada’s Water

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