Accessing Legislative Change

Accessing Legislative Change

Environmental law is created by legislators through the legislative process. This process is open to public input and, as a result, citizen engagement in the legislative process is an important part of pushing for change on environmental matters. In this webinar, three seasoned advocates will discuss their tools for engaging and truths about the process of advocating for legislative change.

Guest Speakers
Hugh Benevides is a lawyer focused on environmental law and conservation. In 2004-06 he led a campaign for the Canadian Environmental Law Association in relation to the federal “smart regulation” program and served on an advisory committee (the Reference Group on Regulating) to Privy Council Office. Since 2016 he has advised groups on government and parliamentary relations, particularly on Bills C-68 and C-69 that became law during the final days of the 42nd Parliament.

Justyna Laurie-Lean works with Mining Association of Canada (MAC) members in addressing and understanding the federal regulations that Canadian mining companies adhere to, such as emerging regulatory issues and policy development. Prior to joining MAC in 1991, she worked in various mining operations in Ontario, Manitoba and British Columbia. A pioneer in the mining industry, Justyna was one of the first female mining engineers in Canada,.

Glen Koroluk has spent most of his career in the non-profit and charitable sector as a community organizer and coordinator on housing, food sovereignty, community development, and environmental protection. He is the executive director of the Manitoba Eco-Network and volunteers as a board member with the National Farmers Foundation, Canadian Environmental Network, and his local community club, Valour CC.

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