Bill S-5 Updates To The Canadian Environmental Protection Act, Response From MBEN And CELA

Canada is endeavouring to update its Canadian Environmental Protection Act for the first time since 1999. This Act governs the management and banning of toxic substances, including substances such as lead that are important to our work on the HEHN Project. In April 2022, the Senate will hold committee meetings and move toward ratifying these updates. Once it passes through the Senate, it will arrive in the House of Commons for consideration at a later date.

Both Manitoba Eco-Network and the Canadian Environmental Law Association have studied proposed updates and provided their own analysis and amendments. Together, we advocate strongly for meaningful amendments to CEPA that actively protect the environment and all people who live here, including amendments that enable residents to hold polluters accountable.

You can access the letter from MbEN here.

You can access the letter from CELA here, and their proposed amendments here.